Hamilton Elite FC Intramural Rules

7-9 Year Olds 7 v 7

Field Size: Length 60 yds x Width 40 yds

Build Out Line: Line drawn form touch line to touch line half way in between the penalty box and mid field

Spectator Line: Runs parallel with the touchline and 10 ft from it

Goal Size: Height 6.5 ft x 18 ft Wide (may be substituted with 6.5 ft x 21 ft if smaller is not available)

Ball Size: 4

Game Length: 40 minutes – 4 x 10 min quarters

Between Qtrs: 2 minutes

Number of Players: 7 v 7, One player must be designated Goal Keeper – Each player MUST play a minimum of 50% of total playing time

Substitutions: Any stoppage, example – throw ins, free kick, after a goal

Goal Keepers: Yes.  There is NO punting in 7v7 games.

Throw Ins: Correct Throw in technique.  Two feet on the ground, arms directly behind the head.  One redo will      be allowed with explanation to the player.

Fouls, Misconduct:  Indirect free kick, 8 yards clear

Corner Kicks:  Indirect from the corner closest to where the ball left the playing area.  Opponents must be 10                                                                                  yards from the ball

Offsides: None

Heading:  None

Coaching:  Coaches must remain off the field during play.

Mercy Rule: 6 Goals max differential, coaches must prevent running up the score.

It is important to set the tone with our young athletes and remember the purpose of the Intramural Program: Develop, in the players, the skill of soccer and the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty and loyalty through competition in the game of soccer.

1.   Player Equipment

·         All players must wear shin guards

·         No metal cleats may be worn

·         Soccer cleats recommended, sneakers are acceptable to wear

·         Socks MUST cover the shin guards completely

·         No Jewelry is to be worn

·         Uniform Jerseys must be tucked in


2.  Referee

·         Referee will be provided

·         Responsibilities: player safety, enforcement of the laws of the game and time keeping

·         Explain the rules to the players

·         If no referee shows, Coaches may pick a parent to assist


3.  Game Duration

·         4 x 10 minute periods

·         2 min breaks between qtrs, 5 min break at halftime

4.  The Start of Play

·         Start each period or restart the game after a goal is scored with a kickoff at the center of the halfway line.  The ball may be passed back

·         All players must remain on their own side of the halfway line until the ball is kicked

·         All opposing players must be outside of the center circle prior to the kick

·         The player taking the kick may not touch the ball a second time until it has been played by any other player

5.  Ball In and Out of Play

When the ball goes out of play, the game restarts as follows:

·         The ball is out of play when the WHOLE ball crosses the entire touchline or goal line, whether on the ground or in the air.  The ball is in play at all other times.

·         Restart with a throw in if the ball goes out of play over the touch line.  The throw will be taken by a member of the opposing team that last touched the ball.

·         When play is stopped due to an injury, bad weather or other reason not covered elsewhere in these rules, the game is restarted with a drop ball at the place where the ball was located when play stopped.  Unless the injury was caused by a foul

6.  Method of Scoring

A team is awarded a goal each time the whole ball crosses the entire goal line under the cross bar and between the posts in the goal they are attacking.  If a defender player unintentionally scores a goal in his own goal, the goal is awarded to the attacking team.

·         Goals can be scored from anywhere on the field

·         Goals can not be scored directly from kick-offs, free kicks, kick-ins, goal kicks or corner kicks

·         Once the kick is taken, if any player (attacker or defender) touches the ball and the ball goes in the goal, a goal will be awarded to the attacking team.

·         Players may enter the goal box to play the ball

7.  Offsides

·         No offsides

12. Fouls & Misconduct

·         The referee may award a team a Free Kick for intentional tripping, pushing, hitting, holding or hand ball by an opponent.  Free Kicks are all indirect (goals can not be scored directly from a free kick).  Referee’s should explain all infractions to the offending player.

13. Free Kick

·         The kick is taken where the foul was committed.   All opposing players must be situated at least 5 yards away from the ball.  The kicker cannot touch the ball twice in a row.   The ball needs to be touched by another player.

·         Double Touch – If a player taking the free kick (kick-in, goal kick, corner kick, kick off) touches the ball twice in a row prior to being played by any other player, after one redo, if the player makes the same mistake, a free kick is awarded to the opposing team.

14.  Penalty Kick

·         To be taken from the penalty spot for fouls committed in the penalty area by the defending team.

15.  Throw In

·         When the whole ball crosses the touch line in the air or on the ground, a throw in will be taken at the point where the ball left the field (within 1 yard either way).   Opponents must be positioned at least 5 yards from the ball.

16 Goal Kick

·         Restart with a goal kick if the ball goes out of play over the goal line, last touched by a member of the attacking team.  The ball is placed anywhere on the edge of the goal area.  Opponents must be positioned past the build out line.

17.  Corner Kicks

·         Restart with a corner kick if the ball goes out of play over the goal line, last touched by a member of the defending team.  The ball is placed on the corner of the field closest to the side where the ball went out of play.  Ball will be placed within 1 yd of that corner.   Opponents must be positioned at least five yards from the ball.

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